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Federal Bureau of Investigation And Server Co-Owner
Federal Bureau of Investigation And Server Co-Owner

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Applications are open Empty
PostSubject: Applications are open   Applications are open Icon_minitimeThu Oct 08, 2009 4:58 pm

Application for FBI Agent

Make your Title of your application in this format :

Leader Application [Firstname_Lastname]

[font=Arial Black][size=18][center]OOC[/center][/size][/font]

First Name :

Last Name :

Role Play Experience  :

why you want to be a FBI agent :

What is metagaming ?
Three Examples:

What is powergaming?
Two Examples:
Three /me Good:
Two /me Bad:
Thre /do Good:

What is IRL ?

If you kicked/banned from this server then tell me the reason (If "yes"):

Repect the community members and also admins :

[font=Arial Black][size=18][center]IC[/center][/size][/font]

IG Name :
IG level :

Make your story (atleast 150 words):

Why you want to be a Agent Of FBI:

((If your application is good then we will accept you otherwise no))

((Make in this format without this format direct Denied))
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Applications are open
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