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Los Santos RolePlay Scripter
Los Santos RolePlay Scripter

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PostSubject: [APP]Varrios Los Aztecas   [APP]Varrios Los Aztecas Icon_minitimeWed Oct 07, 2009 6:15 pm

Out Of Character

current character name:Jay_Jones

Previous character names:N/A

Previous factions or civilian gangs:N/A

Time playing in LSRP Roleplay (in days, weeks, or months):30 minutes



What level are you in game:1

How often do you play in the server:I'll try to be active

Which hours do you play in:GMT+10|12:00-2:00 (PM)

In Character

Why do you want to be a part of Aztecas:I want to be a part of Aztecas as I will be able to make more friends in LSRP and roll with Aztecas members and kill enemies of the gang.

Characters' street name: J.J

Which San Andreas neighbourhood is your character from: Easter Basin

Where was your character born: Las Venturas General Hospital

Would You Follow The Rules Or Die By Breaking Them: Yes

Character story: I was once a good kid rolling in schools hanging out with my friends. Who knows what will happen? A big gang of gangsters came in the school raided it killed teachers. My friends and I found that it was fun and so started learning to wield guns, drive cars, rob people and kill people. Now that I'm 16 (IC) I'm going to join a gang and roll with them.

Roleplay Test

What is Roleplay: RP is when people act like they are real human beings on earth but by playing IG using OCC and IC.

What Is Out Of Character: Out of character is like the person controlling the IC person. Ex. The person sitting and using the computer.

What is In Character: In character is the people in game acting like real human beings on earth.(The skin/guy/women you are using to play with and controlling with.)

What Is Revenge Kill: Revenge killing is when someone kills you, you'll go to hospital then find them and kill them the next time you see them.

What Is Kill On Sight: Kill On Sight is when you see someone and just kill the person you hate/don't like without roleplaying with them first.

What is Death Match: DM-ing is when you just go around killing someone for no reason.

What Is Metagame: Using OOC knowledge into IC.

What Is Power Game: Powergaming is when someone does not give other people chances to roleplay and do super powers like /me jumps 100 KM up into the sky and drops a atomic bomb killing whole San Andreas.
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PostSubject: Re: [APP]Varrios Los Aztecas   [APP]Varrios Los Aztecas Icon_minitimeWed Oct 07, 2009 6:28 pm

Accepted Good App Story Is Not Good But Alright, Now roleplay yourself in the gang
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[APP]Varrios Los Aztecas
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