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FBI Divisions Empty
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Federal Bureau of Investigation

Division Ranks and Roster


Director's Office ? Marcus


Crime Unit(Undercover)
SWAT Team (Conntected with HRT)

Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums

C.R.A.S.H. stands for Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums. They are a anti-gang unit that investigates on gangs and then later on vanish them from the streets of LS. People from the Undercover Unit may be needed to help with the Gang Cases. PIG is only responsible to find out murder cases on the person who have been murdered and taking care of the Suspect. CRASH will be responsible to take care of proposing the case to the Director and will wait for the approval of it. If it is denied they will either have to find even more evidence or move onto a different group of Street Hoodlums.

Patrol Invest Group

P.I.G. stands for Patrol Invest Group. They find the cases of the murdered Civilians and find out with their evidence to defeat the criminals and put them behind bars. They are also known to protect the President. They are needed when the President is having a speech because there are a amount of people who attempts to murder him which could be an entertaining job.

Undercover Unit

The Undercover Unit is known for going undercover in usual Cases and duties sent by the Director. They are known for their secrecy under a different set of clothes and maybe under a mask. You can never know who they are until they reveal themselves. The Undercover Unit goes undercover to solve cases like for a big firearms trade or a giant drugs trade which could lead the Victim to a disaster.

Hostage Rescue Team
Connected with the SWAT Team (Credits to Lance Eternal)
The Hostage Rescue Team
The Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) is the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation's elite counter-terrorism tactical team.
The HRT is trained to rescue U.S. citizens or others who are held by a hostile force, either terrorist or criminal.
The HRT's purpose was, and still is, to serve as a domestic counter-terrorism unit, offering a tactical resolution option in hostage and high-risk law enforcement situations. It originally comprised 50 operators; however, this number has increased since to well over 90 full-time operators, but easily fewer than 500. The HRT commonly functions as a national SWAT team in highly sensitive or dangerous situations.

The two chief roles of the HRT are:

* Hostage rescue
* Domestic and foreign counter-terrorism

Secondary roles of the HRT are:

* Apprehending barricaded subjects
* Helicopter operations
* High-risk raids, searches, arrests, and warrants
* Mobile assaults
* Manhunt and rural operations
* Force protection for FBI personnel overseas

HRT armories are also stocked with specially modified Heckler & Koch (H&K) MP5 series submachine guns (primarily the MP5/10A3 10mm and MP5SD6 9mm models) that have been outfitted with laser aiming devices, SureFire tactical lights, and forward pistol grips. Several models have either an Aimpoint red dot scope or a holographic sight attached.

The rifles in use by the team are the Colt M-16A2, Colt CAR-15A2 Model 777, M-4/M-4A1 5.56mm carbines, M-14 7.62mm, and H&K HK-33E 5.56mm assault rifles. The sniper rifles are Remington M-40A1 .308 sniper rifles customized to HRT standards and generally outfitted with Unertl scopes. They also have access to Barrett M-82A1 "light fifty" .50 caliber anti-material sniper rifles and 7.62?51mm H&K PSG-1 sniper rifles.

The team also uses modified Remington 870 12-gauge shotguns.

Less-than-lethal munitions include single and multi-shot 37mm gas launchers, M-79 40mm grenade launchers, tasers, and flashbang diversionary/distraction devices.

Additionally, the HRT has access to a wide variety of other weapons, such as the FN P90, HK UMP (generally .45 caliber), or the HK53, if the mission dictates so. In situations where heavy fire support is needed, the team has several M-249 SAW 5.56mm, M-60 7.62mm, and M240 7.62mm machine guns at its disposal.[4][5]


Mr. Marcus
Federal Bureau of Investigations, Director.

FBI Division Roster



Undercover Unit(ACU)

FBI Courses And Training programs
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FBI Divisions
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