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 FBI Aplication Format

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Federal Bureau of Investigation Director
Federal Bureau of Investigation Director

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FBI Aplication Format Empty
PostSubject: FBI Aplication Format   FBI Aplication Format Icon_minitimeMon Oct 05, 2009 11:29 am


FBI Aplication Format 600pxusfbisealsvg

This is the Leader of the FBI speaking , now we are recruiting agents to protect our country and our civilians from the criminals and to serve them.

Application form :

Name IG :

Age IG :

IG Level :

Why you want to be an FBI Agent :

Why should we accept you :

Will you respect the orders from your leaders :

How long you play RolePlay :

What is MetaGame :

What is DeathMatch :

What is PowerGame :

Story about you ( must have 150 words ) :

You will play 4 hours a day :

Rules :

- Respect all the players and admins.

- Follow all the server rules.

- Respect the orders of your leaders.
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FBI Aplication Format
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