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Los Santos Police Department Chief and Server Owner
Los Santos Police Department Chief and Server Owner

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PostSubject: Donating Helping   Donating Helping Icon_minitimeMon Oct 05, 2009 7:12 am

Hello ,

you got a credit card and you don't know how you shall Donate ?, check Paypal it's easy to register I got a Account there too, you need the email from me to donate ?, Contact me on pm.

Here it shows where you can register

Donating Helping 33vkja0

Fill the Fields, then you get a email and activate your account.

Donating Helping 2uhwzs6

If you want to send or have cash, then register first a Credit Card, now lets go to sending money

Donating Helping Zukvpg

Here you can send the Cash to Johny_Depp, you need to fill in the things needed.

Donating Helping 2it0sit
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Donating Helping
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