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 Kbronx_Mobster FBI LeaderApplication

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Los Santos Police Department Chief and Server Owner
Los Santos Police Department Chief and Server Owner

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Kbronx_Mobster FBI LeaderApplication Empty
PostSubject: Kbronx_Mobster FBI LeaderApplication   Kbronx_Mobster FBI LeaderApplication Icon_minitimeSun Oct 04, 2009 11:36 am

Quote :

First Name : Joel

Last Name : Alvarez

Role Play Experience : i've played rp server for 5-8 months

why you want to be a FBI Leader :

What is metagaming ? mixing IC information with OOC
Three Examples:
"/b whats the problim officer?"
"t OMG u r gay" lol!
"/b you got my candy?" meaning drug weed ect
What is powergaming? its doing imposible stuff
Two Examples:
"/me is ivisible"
"/me rapes him" (with out doing any /try just standy behind him and doing that /me rapes him/her)
Three /me Good: /me GEts a gun form his gun hanger /me locks/unlock his car /me checks the engine (if a mechanic Very Happy )
Two /me Bad: /me tryes to get his gun. (he should have done /try)
Thre /do Good:

What is IRL ? In Real Live
Example: "brb taking my dog out" (or sumthing like that)

If you kicked/banned from this server then tell me the reason (If "yes"):

Repect the community members and also admins :


IG Name : Kbronx_Mobster
IG level : 1
Phone: i need to check
Origin: Vice city (idk if it is ic or ooc)

Make your story (atleast 150 words):

Why you want to be a Leader Of FBI:
because i wanna add more RP to the server because in most server that i've played PD is the strongest goverment force (cuz National guard is never used idk y) and thhey wrong, they only give tickets Have S.W.A.T. team and chase a suspect for 2-3 wanted lvl then the FBI comes with stronger strategyes cars weapons ect.

You will be tested in game
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Kbronx_Mobster FBI LeaderApplication
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