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 Yamaguchi Ranks

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Yamaguchi (Japanase Mafia) Leader
Yamaguchi (Japanase Mafia) Leader

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Yamaguchi Ranks Empty
PostSubject: Yamaguchi Ranks   Yamaguchi Ranks Icon_minitimeSat Oct 03, 2009 7:44 pm

Gaij in
This Rank is the lowest possible rank available in Yamaguchi. Members at this rank are outsiders, they will deal with things like Guarding the headquarters from intruders and any other orders the higher ranks have.
Gaij in is not an official member rank in he gang

The Wakashu members will be official members of Yamaguchi members at this rank will do jobs like guarding the headquarters if no Gaij in are online but they will also control problems that have occurred with other gangs or possibly the cops. Wakashu members are controlled by Capo's, however Wakashu have still got to follow orders to other higher ranks just like Gaij in have to. Wakashu CANNOT give orders out to Gaij in.

Shatei members are the controllers of the outsiders or Gaij in. They will also follow orders from other higher ranks and be able to give orders to other lower ranks. The Shatei members are the middle rank therefor are half way to the top rank Don's Right hand (the highest rank available) This rank is one rank before being a made man!

The Capo rank is the first Made man rank. basically this rank has controll everyone apart from the Don and his right hand. Capo's will control mainly Shatei and Wakashu and help them when they feel the need help.

Don's right hand (under boss)
The Don's Right hand is the highest possible rank available. Basically they will help the Don choose decisions and plans. There is only one or two people with this rank as it is a very important job. People with this rank have the ability to start wars and plan attacks on other gangs. They will control every member(apart from the don of course) and people not following orders WILL be dealt with by the Don directly.


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Yamaguchi Ranks
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