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 Yamaguchi Story / How it was dicovered

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Yamaguchi Story / How it was dicovered Empty
PostSubject: Yamaguchi Story / How it was dicovered   Yamaguchi Story / How it was dicovered Icon_minitimeSat Oct 03, 2009 7:32 pm

Over 100 years ago, in 1887, a man named Shenjiro Kikaru(Luke Rappetti) was born. He lived his whole life in Los Santos in the chinese cities. The guys around there never liked him, so he usually travelled around alone, and didn't have many friends. Infact, everyone hated him, because they didn't really knew him and they saw him as an outsider. He lived his life alone, without much help. Some day he went at his mother for dinner because he wasn't really a good cooker, a bad one actually.

As 10 years past, Shenjiro had reached adulthood, which meant he was able to get a job, so he took up a position at the local 24-7 to make a bit of quick cash. A random day, his dad came home, he was called Nokonoru Kikaru. When he arrived home he told Shenjiro's mother that he had been made redundant (lost his job). Within a few days they were seriously hit by that. Bills were piling up, and the fridge was becoming empty. Shenjiro wasn't affected by this however, as he had a job, so he took on even more hours and worked harder so he could aid his parents while still being able to eat.

It was a Tuesday, and Shenjiro was sitting in the living room. His parents had went to buy food because Shenjiro had given them 100$ to get a nice meal. Suddenly, a stone came smashing through the window, and Shenjiro rushed down and picked it up.It had a message on it. It said "Good night.. and farewell..". Shenjiro was incredibly frightened by this, and that was all he thought about for days.. even weeks. He didn't get any sleep, and he tried to stay up for as long as possible, as get up as early as possible, so he could ensure the safety of his house. He didn't tell his parents anything about it because he thought they will be scared to death and something even worse will happen…

Shenjiro was returning from work, and he came in to hear a loud manly scream, which he knew to be his fathers. An angry voice yelled out "Nokonoru Kikaru will sleep forever!", and then you heard someone jumping out of the window. His mum was in the living room crying as she had seen the man push her out of the way of the door when she had answered it. Shenjiro ran upstairs, looked out the window, and he just saw a strange car driving off in the distance. Shenjiro suddenly had a thought in his head, "Whoever did this will pay, I swear !!!".

Shenjiro took his fathers bedroom apart screw by screw (not literally) looking for anything that may point him to where he can find the person who killed his father.He sweared that he will pay with his life. He found a little white bag at the bottom of the wardrobe which had a few things in it. He saw a little strange piece of paper.When he read it he saw these letter … "P.E.T, 0-453-766-986".

After a few months, Shenjiro was forced to give up because, he knew that he would never find anyone or anything. He decided that he should go at university instead of paying his father’s death by getting good marks because he thought that his father will be glad of him if he becomes some1 in this ‘’empty’’ and becoming rich so he can give his mother whatever she wanted. He walked into his new common room, and saw a rough looking guy sitting down on the sofa. The man stood up when he saw Shenjiro entering, and walked over saying "Hello there, my name is Peter, Peter Eduardo Toreno". Shenjiro greeted him, and completed the day's classes at school.

Shenjiro was strolling in the park, when he saw an old man rushing up to him. "Shenjiro! Shenjiro!". Shenjiro swivelled round, and faced the old man. "Shenjiro, I am a friend of your fathers, and I have made a discovery. Peter Eduardo Toreno is P.E.T".Shenjiro went pale, and froze on the spot, letting out a small whimper "How do you know that?...". The man replied "I got a teaching job there a while back, and have been investigating it a little." Shenjiro nodded.

Marco walked into university that morning, and went to his common room fast. He saw Peter sitting on the sofa, and he said to him, "Get up now!!". Peter jumped up out because he didn’t actually seen Shenjiro entering. Shenjiro pulled out a glock from his belt, and fired two bullets into Peter's head. He stood there thoughtfully a moment, and said.. ".. hmm.. blood.".
Yamaguchi was formed, to become a notorious crime organisation dealing with protection, extortion and many other things. He became the Don of the Yamaguchi and he started to lead the whole town…no one was brave enough to fight with them….japanese mafia was leading..
In 2010 he started a war against the Chinese mafia. As they thought we'd lost the war. They thought Yamaguchi is fallen and is no more.. BUT what they didn't know was that we faked our death and came back later after some months. We eliminated the Chinese mafia and Yamaguchi is back... Back in action!

Yamaguchi Story / How it was dicovered 2ch3vbl
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Yamaguchi Story / How it was dicovered
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